£40 a Term Club


What kind of books can I purchase in the £40 a term club?

You can purchase any book form my current Catalogue, Unique collections, and back stock.. But, it may be of particular interest if you are looking for:

  • picture book stories that  help children to understand their’s and other people’s feelings #empathyreads
  •  update you reception and KS1 picture book collections with books from great authors and illustrators
  • add more variety to your illustrated chapter book fiction for 7 to 8 year olds, to get every child reading
  • add to your collection of books ( fiction and non-fiction) which include diverse characters and/or introduce children to other cultures and places #reflecting realities
  • you want to to grow your non-fiction collection in an affordable way
  • you are a teachers looking to give your class a book at the end of term or Christmas, current discounted books available would suit year 1 and year 2 classes, but possible for other ages if you are looking for christmas (available to individuals only).

What exclusive discounts are available for £40 a term club members?

  • You can gain exclusive access  to Sale back stock mini-sets, a great selection of books for just £20.  You can purchase one set as part of your £40 and one additional set as an additional purchase.
  • Further discounts available on some of my core stock, depending on what you most need.
  • Get 30 to 40 per cent discounts on top-up purchases* of multiple copies (3 or more of the same title) of picture books and non-fiction books.

*purchases made as an addition to your £40 at term.

Who can join?

  • Open to schools in UK
  • Open to individuals in UK who want to purchase books for a classroom library and/or buy books for the end of year/christmas for their students
  • Membership is restricted to a small number of schools/individuals per year.
  • Future collections will be expanded around the book interests of club members

How long do I have to join for?

  • The minimum period is two consecutive terms at a total cost of £80 (£40 a term)
  • But, joining for 3 consecutive terms allows me  more scope to plan future collections around your preferences

Do I have to pay postage?

  • One parcel per term is free, when delivered by UPS Standard deliver and the parcel weights under 5kg, to Mainland UK.
  • Additional charges may apply for heavier parcels and some newly published books (if separate parcel is required)


For more details on exclusive  offers for £40 a term members please click here. 


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