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Paired books to foster readers

The philosophy of my business is based on the assumption that every child want’s to be able to connect with stories that have meaning to them. However, the process of finding books you want to read as an indepedent reader is more complex than at first it would seem. SoI have come up with an idea to help support children to find books they want to read for pleasure. Put simply it is a strategy to support children to make more connections with stoires and between books to help them find their next and future reads. It starts from the idea that if you group collections of books together and share these with children, then they can get ideas for future books they might like. If you are clever with the books you include you can also encourage them to try something new. One of the rules of marketing is that you need to see something at least 7 times before it registers. So why are kids any different?  Plant that seed of future reads now and who knows what they may pick up in the future and which paths or paths a child may choose to take.

Children of all ages may at key points in their reading journey need extra support to explore the books out there, make connections and find books they want to read. However, I believe there may be specific additional challenges facing 6 to 9 year olds. And whilst there may be some that will easily find books they want to read I believe that the majority of children need support to help them discover what books are out there and which have particular meaning to them. Because if you child find’s something they really connect with to read they are likely to be a lot more motivated to want to read it. But, without support it is not automatic that they will then navigate their way to their next read on their own.

For Schools I have developed this idea into book collection focusing on school’s years 2, 3 and 4.  Though many of these books are also great for younger and older children and would be great for school wide book clubs. The idea is that if you start with a core selection of books you can then build multiple themed displays from it, where books and authors and illustrators reappear in different themes. Helping children to build connections with books and to see that there are often many themes in one story, so opening up more #RfpPathways to books kids may want to read in the future.

Parents, carers, grandparents, aunt/uncles and reading volunteers

To help you support the child or children in your life to become readers that want to read now and in the future, I have put together some book selections to help you and your child to begin to explore together ways that stories are connected. They can be purchased as pairs for a special price. Or individually if you already have the other book. Please Contact Me if you would like to know more and for details of prices. Each paring is part of a one of the suggested themes I have created for Schools. With the books you will get two information sheets, one with some suggestions of other books you may like, and the other a picture display of the theme or themes it connects with . You may like to have fun with your child thinking of other themes you can connect them with. If you do I would love to hear about them. 

Children aged 6 to 8 years

Many are also great for older and younger children and to share with children of different ages.


Author and/or illustrator parings:

Ellie Woolard







One picture books and one first chapter book written by the fabulous Elli Woollard, and illustrated by two talented illustrators Benji Davies and Laura Ellen Anderson. All three could connect children to other fabulous books.

Elsie Elswick

Two books illustrated by Elissa Elwick, one picture book and an exciting first chapter book collaboration with Philip Ardagh being published on 1st March 2018.  Pre-order and both will be sent out in the post for free.*  (*Uk mainland only).

The author Philp Ardagh and illustrator Elissa Elwick have produced some fabulous picture books together, which are also available to purchase from me at Readers that Care.

For lots more ideas of paired books please get in touch. 

Children aged 8 to 14 years

I can also provide some personalised pairings for older children if this is of interest. I am a keen reader of middle grade fiction myself and my favourite kind of middle stories are one’s with ‘subtle depths’ the kind of book that time and time again seem to appeal to a wide age range. You can learn about some of them on my personal blog here:

There will also be a number of pairs and sets of three or four related books in my new online catalogue which will be available soon. To help children build connections between books and find other books they want to read.

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