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Pop-up Children’s Book Stalls

If you are interested in having a Readers that Care children’s book stall at your school or know a community venue close to your school that would be suitable please get in touch. I hand pick a selection of quality picture books and chapter book fiction from a range of publishers, so your children and their families are ensured of a unique selection of books from which to browse. I also like to keep my book stalls small and personal if I can, so I  so I can offer one to one advise from my extensive experience of children’s books on what would suit a particular child.  If you need books for a particular event or purpose I can also help so please get in touch. 


Reading Pathway books collections #RfpPathways

– supporting children’s reading for pleasure through fun book collections

I passionately believe every child should have the opportunity to love books and reading. However, the process of finding books you really want to read as a newly independent reader is more complex than it seems. So I have come up with an idea to help support children to find books they want to read for pleasure. Put simply it is a strategy to encourage children to make more connections with stories and between books to help them find their next and future reads.

I have chosen to focus a collection of books on years 1 , 2 and 3 for a number of reasons. One is that whilst there has been a lot done in recent years to promote awareness of middle grade fiction, children and their parents are far less aware of the range of books for 6 to 9 years out there, yet this is the very point that the majority of them are emerging as independent readers. To find out more about the background to this idea please click here.  A second reason is that we seem to have created confusion over whether our emerging readers are equally entitled to read and explore picture books as well as chapter books. Yet there are many creative examples of how picture books have been used to develop literacy skills and a curiosity about stories. Lets encourage our emerging readers to explore and play with picture book as well as chapter books, and by doing so increase the possibilities of them finding their next and future reads.

The Themes

These collections put a number of high quality picture book illustrators and authors at the heart of themed displays. They are reading for pleasure collections and I have deliberately not chosen curriculum or topic related, but more spontaneous , fun and wacky ways to make connections between books. Not all the books in the collection connect with each other, this is deliberate to encourage children to make their own connections with stories (which is what will keep them reading) and to for example introduce a child that loves dinosaurs to stories about dogs, or to encourage a parent to share a book with a child they would not normally have picked up. 

Book Selection  – This is key 

If you know in advance that you are going to show themed collections to the same group of children over a specific time period (spanning at least two academic years), then you have the opportunity to do something that could make a real difference to reading for pleasure. If you carefully select the authors and illustrators at the beginning then the same authors and illustrators can reappear in future themes.

One of the many things I have learnt over the years is that if you change the lens that you use to search for books, you choose different books and you stumble across other books you didn’t even know existed!

The lens I have chosen to select the books:

  • This is a collection of books which are first and foremost chosen to encourage children (and there parents) to want to engage with stories. Stories that encourage reading for pleasure. 
  • At the heart of the collection are picture books by a talented set of authors and illustrators. The intention is that children are introduced to both, as for some children their route into another story might be an illustrator they know and love and not an author. This selection of authors and illustrators have been chosen because of the strength of their stories as ones to share both at school and at home, but also because collectively the books they have written open up many possibilities for creating connecting themes. 
  • They include picture books and chapter books. This is important to the whole idea. It opens the possibility for children of different ages and reading abilities to engage in’ book blether’ and recommend books to each other.  It also plants the seeds of future chapter book reads for younger less confident readers. I have also deliberately chosen some chapter book stories that are less well known, but which may be for some children be ‘game changers’ the book or books that gets them reading. 
  • It encourages all readers (even the most able) to pick up and talk about a picture book as well as a chapter books.
  • Each of the core picture books challenge children’s perceptions or stereotypes in some way. Sometimes subtle and sometimes more obvious. In the additional suggested books I have also tried to add both ‘variety’ and some ‘diversity’ so that the collections as a whole greatly enhance the chance of ALL children finding a story they want to read and/or share. 

Find out more to the background of the Reading Pathways ides here

Reading Pathway books collections #RfpPathways

I have put together three collections to introduce the idea. They can be introduced in any order. But I suggest you start with the Cake, Doughnut and Marshmallow theme or the Dinosaurs, Dogs and Dresses as they include mos of the core authors and illustrators. 

The Picture books feature a talented bunch of authors and illustrators. Below are those appearing in at least two themes. 


  • Elli Woolard
  • Lucy Rowland
  • Anna Kemp
  • Ranjit Singh


  • Sarah McIntyre
  • Elys Dolan


  • Sarah Ogilvie
  • Katie Hindley   (appears once)
  • Merhrdokht Amini
  • Steve Lenton 
Cakes, Doughnuts and Marshmallows

 Dinosaurs, Dogs and Dresses 

Knights and Princesses with a Twist and Imaginative Journeys

You may also be interested in my Reading Pairs and mini-sets

To Find out more and for a list of prices and specially discounted packs please get in touch. 

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Melissa Jordan, Readers that Care, Cambourne, Cambridge