Readers that Care –  pop-up children’s book stalls with a personal touch

  • I like to keep my pop-up book stalls small so can provide personal recommendations, making me a great choice for small to medium sized schools that want a once a year or regular pop-up book stall.

If  your school is an hours drive from Cambridge please get touch to discuss how we could work together to support reading for pleasure in your school.

Now taking bookings May to July – Contact Me – For more information


£40 A Term Club

Join my £40 a term club for two consecutive terms or more (payed up front).

  • Get priority access to discounted back stock, to build your school collections.
  • The option to buy additional non-fiction or chapter books at a discounted price of up to 40 per cent off the RRP.
  • Membership will be restricted to a certain number of schools per year. Future book collections will be built around members common interests.
  • Get specialist advice to build on existing collections/and or purchases and to respond to the reading for pleasure preferences of particular years or cohorts.

Connected Book Collections – fostering reading for pleasure

I am passionate about the power of connected displays to introduce children to new and future reads. Three examples of the sorts of themes I can provide are:


Reading Pathways

Book collections where the same authors an illustrators appear in

Key authors; Elli Woolard and Lucy Rowland

Key Illustrators: Steve Lenton and Sara Ogilvie

Special packs available including some or all of these authors/illustrators. Please contact me for details.

Find out more here.

Themed Collections – Primary

Space: Aliens and Girls/Women in space

This collection focuses on years 2 , 3 and 4. But, many of the books are suitable for other ages.

Unicorns and Hot Air Balloons and Airships

A theme perfect for Key Stage 2, but picture books could be used with younger children too.


Being you, celebrating difference, understanding others and teamwork

Great for all ages in primary.

Exploring Loss (at the seaside), clouds and plastic

Six wonderful books for children aged 6 to 12 years


Themed Mini-Collections – Secondary

Many of the picture books featured above and in my catalogue would make great reads for older children too.

But, below are a couple of examples of chapter book themed collections that would be great for secondary schools.

They include mainly middle grade books (for 9 to 14 year olds) and  few books for 12/13+ years

Swimming and Tennis














Mini-themes Collections – Secondary



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