Empathy feelings and celebrating difference collections


Several customers have mentioned to me how they would like to use picture books to support students well-being. I have put together a collection of books that will help you to do that and which can also help inspire a love of reading. 

This collection of picture books includes:

    • diverse characters
    • some books explore feeling in a humorous light heated way. Others are more thoughtful and reflective.
    • fun imaginative stories that are great to read aloud but which also celebrate difference and build empathy/understanding of others
    • fabulous authors and illustrators to engage readers

Most are suitable across the primary age range. Shadow and Witch-fairy are more suited to 9+ years.  Some books also great for older kids.

I can provide more information about the books on request


Two empathy collections are available for direct purchase in my online shop



Read my review of:

Fair Shares and Oscar and Friends (Friendship and Sharing)

Thank Goodness for Bob (worries)



Friendship and Sharing











Identity and Believing in Yourself


Feelings – General

Feelings- Loss, Change, and Depression and Sadness

For books that more specifically deal with Grief please ask for recommendations. 



Mini-set for secondary schools (most are also suitable for primary)

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