Unique Collections

Unique Collections


For several years I have been trying out different ways to organise collections of books to help encourage children to pick up something new and foster a love of reading. Here are a couple of them. For more collections see my Catalogue or get in touch.

Empathy, feelings and celebrating difference collection

Several customers have mentioned to me how they would like to use picture books to support students well-being. I have put together a collection of pictures books that will allow you to do that, but which can also be used to encourage a love of reading.

This collection of picture books includes:

  • diverse people characters
  • some books explore feeling in a humorous light heated way. Others are more thoughtful and reflective.
  • animal and shape characters
  • fun imaginative stories that are great to read aloud but which also celebrate difference and build empathy/understanding of others
  • fabulous authors and illustrators to engage readers

Suitable across the primary age range. Some books also great for older kids.

Information sheet on the books available soon. But, in the meantime feel free to ask.

Price for the set: £68

or £58 for £40 a term members

Free postage in mainland UK* (*subject to time restrictions and delivery method)

Also available to purchase individually.

Inspire a Love of Reading – animal illustrated chapter book collection
  • unique collection of heart-warming and fun tales with an animal as the main character or as a significant supporting character to the human character
  • selected to appeal to children from all backgrounds and a wide range of interests
  • 12 of them are part of a series (or will be when published), and the other 3 are part of publisher collections of stories for emerging readers
  • specifically focusing on year 2 (summer term) to year 4 (autumn term), but some of the books will also appeal to older readers of all abilities


Space Mini-Collection

Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Moon landing with this unique collection. It is surprising how few books about space (both fiction and non-fiction) feature girls. Add variety with your space collection with an accessible non-fiction books about the Moon (for year 1 to year 3). A book of poems about the Moon. Two stories about space featuring girls. And two true stories about the two women that made it possible to put man on the Moon.

Please note: Astro Girl and Moonstruck poems (both hardback) are published by Otter Barry books in June. Therefore, this mini-set will be available at the beginning of June (but can be pre-ordered).

For collections with connecting authors and illustrators designed to foster reading for pleasure for 6 to 8 year old’s.

Please check out my Reading Pathways


Island Collection for KS3

Includes 6 fictional chapter book stories; four of which are middle grade, two young adult and two unique picture books.

Foster enthusiasm for reading, at the same time as opening up possibilities for discussion’s on isolation and what it is like to live on a remote isolated island.



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