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Empathy Picture Books

Something extraordinary happens when you put well told children’s stories together with some of the best children’s illustrators. You get powerful picture books, that grab the attention of the reader or listener, open up possibilities for discussion, develop visual literacy and when combined with empathy themes can support child and adult well-being.


Empathy picture books can be many things which include: stories that help children understand their feelings and how to support others with theirs, stories that enable children to be seen and see things from others perspectives and environmental stories for children that care about the future of our planet.


I’ve put together a hand-picked selection of the very best empathy picture books for primary schools (many would also be great for secondary). The stories in a child-friendly and engaging way cover a range of topics from being brave, dealing with angry moods and the unexpected, adapting to others needs, what’s it like to have a hearing aid or wear a head scarf,  grief, loss, war, and humans impact on our planet. 


Chapter Book Fiction

Eight years ago my then 7 year old daughter struggled to find any chapter books she could and wanted to read. Despite being a summer born child she was a really good writer, in fact she could write stories with a better narrative than the ones she was finding to read! Shortly, afterwards I became an adult reader of middle-grade fiction and have never looked back. If she hadn’t faced these difficulties I may never have found the reading for pleasure and bookish communities on Twitter (@melissacreate15) I have had the huge please of being part of for many years. Every chapter book I stock comes highly recommended by me or many passionate educators and reading teachers, teaching assistants and librarians I have the pleasure of knowing through bookish Twitter.



Have a child that’s not quite ready for middle-grade fiction?


Check out my 6 to 10 years section here.


Or my Barrington and Stoke and other short reads for 8+ years here.


My 4 for chapter book bundle boxes are one of my bestselling products.


Readers that Care School Book Club

As well as my individual customers I have the huge pleasure of supporting a small number of schools each academic year to grow children’s book collections that meet the needs of their school and which help to foster a love of reading for pleasure.


In your half-termly children’s book bundle you get a selection of non-fiction and fiction books hand-picked for your school. The balance of each box is up to you, so some schools choose to have mainly non-fiction, other prefer a mixture. In return for your regular custom you get great discounts on books. Like all my customers you benefit from my expert knowledge and advice, leaving you more time to concentrate on sharing the books with your children in your school. 


Thanks to my school book customers I now have a working knowledge of 200+ fantastic non-fiction books for KS1 and KS2.  This includes a particular interest in books to support the Geography and Science curriculum, Own Voice and Diverse Histories and non-fiction books that are especially good for fostering a love of reading. 


To get an idea of the wide variety of children’s non-fiction that could be on it’s way to be received by excited children in your school in your next book bundle check out my KS1 Non-Fiction photo gallery or Key publishers or click below to find out more. 


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