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A Shelter for Sadness by Anne Booth and David Litchfied (hardback)

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Great for ages 5 to 80 years.

"A heartwarming and touching story from two of my favourite authors/illustrators, with thoughtful illustrations. It gives us permission to make a space for sadness, by creating a safe place to go when we are sad, and by recognising that those feelings can come and go and that is ok." Melissa Jordan @melissacreate15

Sadness has come to live with me

and I am building a shelter.

I am building a shelter for my sadness

and welcoming it inside.

A small boy creates a shelter for his sadness, a safe space where Sadness is welcome, where it can curl up small or be as big as it can be, where it can be noisy or quiet, or anything in between.

And the boy knows that one day Sadness may come out of the shelter and together they will look out and the world and see how beautiful it is.

A poignant and heart-warming picture books exploring the importance of making space and time for our own griefs, small or large, with wonderful illustrations and a soft colour palette that David Litchfield the illustrator is so good at.

Also available to order by Anne Booth: Bloom, a story of hope, and my bestselling picture book of 2020.

Also available to order by David Litchfield: Rain before Rainbows

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