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Clap When you Land by Elizabeth Acevedo + paperback book of you choice

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1. One copy of Clap Where you Land:

I don't finish any fictional book that doesn't resonate with me. But, ever so often a book comes along that stops you in tracks and you know you aren't going to be quite the same person after you have read it. This is one of those reads.

Two girls one in USA one in Dominican Republic , one with money and the right to travel anywhere, one who is poor and dependent on others to get a visa. One day their fathers plane goes down and they both loose a father. Three weeks later they both discover they have sister they didn't know they had. Written in verse, where ever word and phrase has feeling and matters. This story illuminates the sharp differences between these two girls lives, but also common struggles for belonging and understanding who they are.

This is definitely 13+ YA, for two main reasons. The grief both girls and their carers feel for the loss of their father is raw. The second is that both both girls experience issues with men trying to feel them up. It is one of the secondary school Empathy Lab selections for 2021.

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