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Earth is Big by Steve Tomecek and Marcos Farina

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There are so many ways you could use this book. Highly recommend for 5 to 11 year olds curious about our planet. Copies just arrive and it's already selling well.

See the world in a whole new way by comparing it to other things in the universe, both big and small! Written by geologist Steve Tomcek:

"pick it up and you will never look at earth the same way again"

Focusing on measurement helps the reader grasp comparative sizes of things.

Earth is big! (compared to a frog)

Earth is small! (when it’s hiding in a galaxy)

And that’s not all. Earth is wet and dry, hot and cold, round and jagged, fast and slow. You get the idea. It depends how you look at it!

Get to know our planet in a whole new way by comparing it to a huge variety of other incredible things – from tiny particles to giant star clusters. Did you know soap bubbles are some of the roundest objects in the universe? Or that we humans are totally outnumbered by chickens? Or that the driest desert on Earth isn’t scorching but freezing? Tour some of the most extreme places on the planet and beyond it, take a look at life forms from bacteria to elephants to redwood trees and explore what makes our planet the perfect home for us.

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