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Mum's Jumper by Jade Perkin

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This is a two book bundle, helping children and grown-ups to deal with and understand grief and loss/sadness from two of my favourite Indie publishers.

Mum's Jumper by Jayde Perkin

Published by Book Island Books

The young girls mum dies, the book explores how the girl and her dad deal with that loss. With some great insights into grieving and loss which would help others to understand what someone is going through.

Love the way that the smell of mums flowers and her jumper are woven into the story.

Felix After the Rain by Dinja Jogan

Published by Tiny Owl Books

Felix hides all his sorrows in a large black suitcase. One day he meets a boy and Felix releases all the tears and sadness he has been holding in. He can then see the joy and colours in the world again. An important message about having someone to share your sadness with.

Wonderful use of colour to convey sadness and hope. Could be used to help children deal with all sorts of sadness and loss, not just grief.

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