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How Does Chocolate Taste of Everest by Leisa Stewart-Sharpe

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Great for 6 to 12 years

What an amazing book!If you want to introduce children and young people to some of the most extreme places on our planet, in an almost playful way, where they can feel like they are adventurers exploring these unique landscapes, this is the book you need.

As a children’s bookseller I support a number of schools and individuals to grow their high quality non-fiction book collections. This book really stands out in a number of ways. It’sspot on in the way that it engages the reader and provides great information at the same time. By taking a chatty style and examine 12 extreme environments through the senes: sight, sound, smell, touch and taste this book offers something really special.

There is a fantastic selection of environments to explore (see below). Examining each environment through the senses helps the reader to imagine what it’s actually like. As well as agreat read aloud or book to share, the use of focus on senses creates lots of writing possibilities.

The introduction gears you up for an adventure, including laying out the contents of your expedition rucksack so you can make sure you have packed everything.For each extreme environment there are 4 pages to help the readers explore them.

Environments include:

Hottest place: Danakil Depression in Ethiopia,Coldest place: Antartica,

Places often studied in KS2 curriculum: Nile (longest river), Amazon rainforest

More unusual selections such as the most electric place (Catumbo, Venezuela) and stinkiest place (Zavodovski Island) and even Mars!

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