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Leo's Map of Monsters: The Amoured Goretusk by Kris Humphrey and Pete Williamson

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Great short read, highly recommend for 7 to 11 year olds

An exciting imaginative adventure full of heart

Three things I love:
There is a map with flashing coloured dots to show where the monsters are
After his adventures he goes home to his mum and his sister (there not dead or disappeared)
His job is to help monsters not kill them

Leo lives in 'the village' with his mum and sister. On their 9th birthday children get a letter to say what their Assignment is for the next two years. Leo is given a letter which says Top Secret. His new role should he choose to accept is to be apprentice to the Guardian's on the Monster, preventing the monsters from attacking the village, but also protecting them from harm. He has to help him, magical stones, a special map, and a small monster called Leatherwig who becomes his friends. He will also need plenty of courage and wit.

Book one in a great series. Book two is also available.

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