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Luna Rae is not Alone by Hayley Webster

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I loved this story about friendship and family, with a strong narrative voice by debut author Hayley Webster. So many children and grown-ups are going to relate to her observations of her new neighbourhood and her family and her struggles to make sense of her own reality.

At the start of the story Luna Rae moves into a new house on a nearly new housing development. The description of the close and the show home took me right back to when we moved into our brand new home 9 years ago! There is so much in the first part of this story that’s going to resonate with anyone that has lived on a housing development.Then Luna Rae makes friends with a boy in the close called Rudo. He introduces her to the most awesome of treehouses in the show home garden.Which is going to be their secret clubhouse, but all doesn’t go to plan.

Luna Rae enters a school parent and child baking competition with her mum. Except she has a problem, she has no idea where her mum is. Gradually and reluctantly Luna Rae begins to acknowledge that her mum in not on another ‘late shift’. In fact she must have moved out. But, why has dad not said anything?

The book portrays brilliantly the concerns some children have when their parents separate. With a strong narrative voice and Luna Rae’s great observations of her neighbourhood and family this is not to be missed. It’s an eye-opening insight into the ups and downs of family life, but also a story of full and hope and of friends supporting each other.

Highly recommend for children aged 9 (year 4) upwards to read alone. It would also make a great read aloud at home or at school. And at 180 pages this is a rewarding read you will have time to fit into a busy life.

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