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Omar and the Bees

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Highly recommend for 4 to 8 year olds.

"A story about sharing experiences, responding to others, growing seeds into flowers to help bees, working together, community, transitions, and hope. Bright, engaging pictures, featuring a diverse selection of characters"

This story is told by Maisie about what happened when Omar came to their school:

“It all started when Omar brought a small slice of his mum’s special honey cake for show and tell.”

At school Omar talked about how his grandad used to keep bees. This results in his teacher doing various creative class activities, so they had the tissue paper blossom trees in the corridor and a discussion about bees. Then the children decided they needed more flowers. Their teacher helps them put their ideas into action. They ordered seeds and divided them into little packets to put through the doors in the street to create a bee corridor between the park and the school.

The story shows the passage of time and season as the seed outside each persons house grow into flowers. It also shows them doing show and tell the next year with a new teacher which in terms of supporting children’s transitions is such an inspired idea. A story full of hope and with so much to enjoy in the actions of the children and in the pictures, which includes a number of diverse characters. Publishing March 2021 by Owlet press who do other books with diverse characters

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