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Ping and the Missing Ring by Emma Shevah and Izzy Evans

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"Finally the day had arrived. As Ping packed her suitcase, she was so excited she could barely speak. If she did her words might come from her mouth in a blast of heat, noise and energy, that would not do at all. That would not do at all. Not in Ping's family. You see, Ping and her family were Thai, and the custom for Thai people is to be clam, composed and polite. Typically, Thai people do not appreciate words bursting in blasts from people's mouths - even eager excited words. Certainly not cross cantankerous ones - that was not acceptable in the least. "

Ping has promised her mum that she will be perfectly well-behaved while she stays with her cousins - no adventures, no solving mysteries!

But, then her aunty's engagement ring goes missing, and Ping just can'e resist investigating.

Bloomsbury Reader - short engaging chapter books perfect for helping children gain reading confidence and understanding

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