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Planet SOS: 22 Monster Threatening our Environment Marie G. Rohde

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Highly recommend fo 9 to 16 year olds.

Wow what a book.This book looks at the different ways humans are damaging our planet, from a unique perspective. It imagines each problem is a myth or legend, what a great way to conceptualise the problems. The result is clear information with amazing artwork.

The book distinguishes itself further with little pictorial fact boxes for each problem. With a very detailed key at the start of the book that you can use to find the things humans can do to help this problem and the things they are doing to create it. Then at the back there is a world map showing the location each of the environmental problem. For my map loving 10 year old this is a game changer . He could spend hours looking at the map and cross referencing the pictorial fact boxes.


"Our Planet is in grave danger. It is being threatened by monsters stomping around the Earth and causing complete chaos. These pesky beats are busy at work creating storms, melting ice, drying out lakes and filling the air with noise. And they feed of the strangest of things: burps from cows, car exhaust fumes, plastic bags, rubbish and pollution."

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