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Crossing by Manjeet Mann (12+)

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Natalie's world has turned upside down. She's lost her mum and her brother is descending further and further into anger and violence with a far-right gang who march the streets of Dover. Sammy has fled his home and family in Eritrea for the chance of a new life in Europe. Every step he takes is a step into the unknown - into a strange country and a hidden future. A twist of fate brings these two teens from opposite sides of the channel together, but will their journey end in hope or despair?

Told in verse this award winning novel is both heart wrenching and heart warming read for 12+ years.

The Crossing follows two teens whose stories intertwine with one another in more ways than one. Natalie has just lost her mum and clings to swimming as an escape from reality. Sammy is fleeing his country in the hope of new beginnings, but with every milestone comes a bigger challenge to face.

Hope is the strongest element bringing their two lives together and the beautiful motif of the stars is littered throughout both Nat and Sammy’s journeys providing not only a physical form of hope but also a connection between them both.

The poetic structure is a joy to read and further engulfs you into Nat and Sammy’s lives. A powerful read.

Please note: If you live in Cambourne your automatically get free postage. If you are not local to me. This book is also available in my 4 for £22 chapter book offer. Where you also get free postage.

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