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Humans Aren't Real by Lou Trelevan and Marina Halak

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Great for 6+ years. A gold level reader, with simple chapters.

Maverick Early Readers are a breath of fresh air and their purple, gold and white colour coded readers and first chapter books in particular offer something few other publishers do. Original stories with quirky characters and plots that absolutely hit the spot with the kind of stories that will capture kids imagination. The pictures are bold and colourful and capture the emotions of the characters making them feel more like picture books.

This story turns the discovering Alien's story on it's head. Meet Zarkle and Noop two aliens who are giving the opportunity by their teacher Mrs Fizzle to convince their classmates that Aliens do exist. Except they have never actually met one, so don't really know what they look like.

Many young kids are curious and interested in space, they also love it when stories get twisted up making this a real winner.

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