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Interview with a Shark by Andy Seed and Nick East

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Great for 5 to 10 year olds

Andy Seed has a great reputation for writing humorous non-fiction books. Here he teams up with the fabulous illustrator Nick East to create an engaging book to interview a number of sea creatures. Andy See interviews each creature, which adds a fun narrator voice, where he says things like “I hope they don’t eat me.”.You learn a lot of facts about the real-life sea creatures, but each creature also has it’ own character. Making this an engaging book for everyone, including more reluctant readers.

Why are bull sharks moody?

How do Orcas hunt?

What is a a conger eel’s dream?

“Dare to dive down deep and meet 10 slippery and surprising creatures as they swim up to the mic to share true facts, about their habits, behaviour, likes and dislikes, favourite food and more!”

In this book the author interviews a number of large sea creatures. The questions and answer style will suit curious children of all ages, and be also great for hooking in less enthusiastic or confident readers. When sharing this book with less confident readers they could start by asking the questions and a grown-up could read the answers.

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