Welcome to my online children’s bookshop. 

I’ve established a reputation over 6+ years of helping customers find books their children with love, through book stalls, and online since March 2020. 

In my shop you will find a selection of the books available. I can also do bespoke orders so please contact me if you’d like some personal recommendations. 

Melissa x


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Orders under £30 are we be sent by Royal Mail second-class post.

A number of items are free postage. For the rest there is flat fee of £2.50 per parcel. 

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Inspire a love reading: 6 to 9 years

It is my experience that many children aged 6 to 8/9 years need some encouragement and guidance to help them find the right books so they want to read for pleasure. In supporting children in this age range including my own kids. One big thing I have learnt is varying the type of book can make a big difference to keeping kids reading, which is so important for developing readers to develop their fluency.

1. chapter books that make a great first step into chapter books for 6 to 9 year olds, some of which will appeal to older children.

2. accessible non-fiction titles, that really stand out, and are a compact size making them easier to hold.

3. I have also included some picture books that feature elsewhere in my catalogue so you don't miss them.