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Super Happy Magic Forest and the Humongous Fungus by Matt Long

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"The first book in a fun fantasy series for emerging and less confident readers and anyone that wants to go on a laugh-out loud magical quest."

Three things I love:

  • Matty Long's illustrations and speech bubbles which give it a comic-like quality
  • The focus on a Quest to find 5 magical objects
  • Quirky original characters who look out for each other

Welcome to the world of the SUPER HAPPY MAGIC FOREST, with giant mushroom, mystic crystals and an even an ice-cream tree!

In the first chapter you learn how the Rainbow Dragon created this magical world. All the creatures that have been living in the forest have just had a large outdoor party at the Frolic Festival. But then disaster strikes there is a super-sized giant mushroom rampaging through the forest.

It's up to 5 friends to work together to save the forest and their magical home from disaster. They are:

Hoofius the faun

Twinkle the fairy

Blossom the Unicorn

Herbert the gnome

Trevor the mushroom

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