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Swordswoman (True Adventures: India 1857) by Devika Rangachari

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The Queen of Jhansi in the Indian Uprising of 1857

Highly recommend for 9 - 13 year olds, older teens and adults will love interested in history will love it too.

Part of a fantastic True stories from history series published by Puskin Press

Queen Lakshmibai of of Jhansi was an unconventional queen. She could read and write; she rode a horse and wielded a sword; she trained other women to ride and fight alongside her. When the East India Trading Company, who ruled India in the 19th century, demanded that she hand over control of Jhansi, she refused.

And when an uprising began to stir in 1857, and the British laid siege to her fortress, the warrior queen tied her infant son to her back, mounted her favourite horse, and escaped to raise an army.

This is the story of a woman who defied all conventions to become an icon of resistance in colonial-era India.

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