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Talking is Not My Thing! By Rose Robbins

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I love that this book is written from the perspective of a non-verbal autistic child, who explains in thought bubbles how she uses non-verbal communication in her daily life. This includes flash cards and drawing a picture for her brother. The story also shows how her brother has tuned into sister and how he responds to her in a calm and inclusive way. I love how the tables are turned when the young girl describes the draw a picture guessing game, where she is the one teaching her brother how to play it.

Bold and eye-catching illustrations combine with thought and speech bubbles (from her brother) to give a thoughtful insight into all the ways the non-verbal girl is communicating in her daily life.

A great book to support young children who are on the autistic spectrum, and their siblings and carers. There is also so much that is relevant to any child, especially quieter ones who find it harder to be heard. And a reminder to us all just because a child is not saying anything, it doesn’t mean they aren’t thinking and they may have some great ideas to share.

Highly recommend for 3 to 8 years, and anyone who wants to understand the experience of autistic and non-verbal young children.

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