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The Garden of Inside-Outside by Chira Mezzalama and Regis Lejoonc

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One of the most extraordinary picture books I've read. Set in Iran, with beautiful graphic novel style pictures perfect for older readers. The tall think format of this hard back book, really enable the maximum use to be made of the illustrations.

It focuses on a young girl who is the daughter of an Italian Ambassadors, who is posted in Tehran in Iran in 1980, during a period war and unrest. The girl is allowed to play in the large garden of her house but she is not allowed outside the garden. There is a great contract of colour between the blues and greens of the garden and the red and black of the outside which convey powerful emotions, and how one space is safe and the other is not.

One day the girl meets a boy who has climbed into the garden from the outside. Then later in the story the two children exchange a t-shirt and little model cat with each other, in a touching display of connection and the ability to children to cut through the mayhem cause by adults.

There is much to explore and revisit in this beautifully told story, perfect for UKS2 and KS3. Highly recommend for 9 to 89 year olds.

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