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The Queen on the Corner by Lucy Christopher and Nia Tudor

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Another gem of a book from Lantana publishing. A story about noticing and looking out for others.

From the minute you open this book and see the picture on the end page you know you've opened something special.

A thoughtful story told from the perspective of a young girl. Who is the only one in her community that notices the homeless woman on the corner of her street.

I love how the girl imagines the homeless women's previous life, as a battling queen, an adventurer who travelled the world and even fought a dragon.

One night there is a fire in the street. The Queen (homeless women) and her dog (royal hound) wake everyone up.

It's then down to the girl to tell everyone that is was the homeless woman they never see that saved them. So the community decide to do something for the woman.

Nia Tudor's illustrations are amazing, perfectly capturing the mood of the story. And the warm colour palette used adds so much depth and life to the story.

I can't wait to see what she illustrates next.

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