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This is Dictatorship by Equipo Plantel and Mikel Casal

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I am delighted to add this recently translated book from publishers Book Island Books to my online shop.

Free postage to mainland UK.

"In all dictatorships, it is forbidden to think. One can only think what the dictator wants to be thought."
What happens to a country when one person makes all the rules? What would it feel like to live in such a place? And why is it important for us to know about?

From the Introduction:

"This book was first published in Spain more than 40 years ago. For many years the country had been ruled by the dictator Franco. He died a few years before. The aim of the book was to help children of Spain understand more about the impact of dictatorship on people's lives.

Leaving plenty to reflect on, with some unnerving comparisons with recent politics in the UK and USA. There has perhaps never been a more important time to understand what a dictatorship is.

A brilliant introduction to the need for democracy, for readers of all ages, translated by Lawrence Schimel

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