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Tomorrow by Nadine Kaadan

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Another gem of a story from diverse indie publisher Lantana Publishing.

What I love about this picture books is that every time you read it you see something different. It enables the reader to empahize with a child living through war, but at the same time there are so many parallels relevant today, such as not being able to go to park or go to school. This was the book me and my the 9 year old son needed in June 2020 in the covid-19 lockdown 1.

Tomorrow tells the story of a small boy called Yazan who lives in worn torn Syria. It is told from a unique perspective as you don't actually see the war. Instead you get to feel what the immediate effects are for Yazan.

It is a powerful story of a family supporting each other in the most difficult of times and in the power of the imagination to bring hope to the darkest of moments. Towards the end of the story Yazan’s mother draws a picture of the park he can not play in and says:

“But let’s paint a park in your bedroom – an amazing park with everything you’ve ever dreamed of. And soon you’ll be able to go outside and play again.”
The authour/illustrator makes superb use of positioning on the page and the colours, black (sadness), red and yellow (hope) to convey how the little boy Yazan is feeling.

You may find it helpful to explore how colour is used to convey feelings both of sadness and hope whilst reading this story with your child.

Highly recommend for 7 to 12 year olds

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