Teacher Review of Amara and the Bats


Amara and Bats is written and illustrated by Emma Reynolds 


There are some great picture books which will help build our understanding of others AND how to care for our environment.


Big thanks to Vicky a year 4 teacher for this review.


Amara loves bats – like really really loves bats. She loves their cute little faces, their wings and every fact she can find. She regularly visits her local park at dusk with her family just to watch the bats at play.


When Amara moves house, there is a park right nearby and one evening Amara and her family go to see the bats. She is devastated to be told that there are no bats roosting in the park anymore because their habitat is slowly being destroyed in preparation for building work.


Amara makes a decision there and then – to work with her new class, her family and the park ranger to bring the bats back.


Amara is a fabulous main character; she draws her eco-inspiration from real child activists like Greta Thunberg and is proof that one person really can make a difference.


Amara and the Bats is a wonderful debut from author and illustrator Emma Reynolds. It is a lovely mix of story telling and non-fiction interwoven together into an inspiring story. Emma’s illustrations beautifully complements the story – and act as reference points too for both activists info and bat facts.


This book could easily be read throughout the primary phase – I have read it with Year 4 and they really enjoyed it.


Curriculum Links – particularly for Y4

    • Make a bat fact file about different types of bats
    • Write non chronological reports
    • Create a food chain featuring a bat
    • Life cycle of a bat
    • Save the bats research – how to make your local area more bat friendly.

The book is available to buy from me at Readers that Care.


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