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When children are 6 to 9 years old  it can be often be tricky to keep them engaged and interested in reading. As I discovered with my own two children, even a 7 year old who has enjoyed reading can quickly start to loose interest if they do not find books that are right for them. Many parents, grandparents and teachers talk about how if is often difficult to find a good variety of stories for this age group. Yet if you know where to look and what you are looking for, there are plenty of wonderful stories to engage all sorts of readers. In this collection there are different levels of stories as well as a variety of genres and writing styles. Most of the books have great pictures, because becoming a competent and enthusiastic independent readers should not mean you have to say goodbye to interesting and fun illustrations. All books have been carefully selected to appeal to both boys and girls and children with a range of  interests.


What’s special about this collection?
  • designed to inspire any 6 to 8/9 year old to want to read
  • Includes 14 series and one standalone story*.
  • original and strong stories many of which gently challenge stereotypes
  • the books are great to be read aloud/shared or read alone

*standalone story subject to availability

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