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#Reading Pairs – Maverick and picture books pairs

Children of all ages may at key points in their reading journey need extra support to explore the books out there, make connections and find books they want to read. However, the emphasis on getting children ‘reading’ through levelled reading schemes can sometimes work against this. Where all or most of the book related time is focused on practising reading some children may start to wonder what the point it. One good way to counterbalance this is to frequently read aloud picture books or have shared book time (exploring a book together). This could involve reading the story and then looking in more detail at the pictures together. Or it could . It was the realisation of just how important consistently reading picture books to both my children now aged 7 and 10 has been in supporting their own reading journeys which was the inspiration behind the creating of reading pairs. S

#reading pairs are sets for developing and emerging readers containing two or three books, where at least one of the books is a early reader published by Maverick Publishing. The idea is that children can explore a book they love with their parents or carers whilst also practising their skills in a levelled early reader. Each reading pair is connected by a loose theme or themes to help children build reading connections.

I have chosen to pair quality picture books by authors and illustrators that my children and my customers love with early readers published by Maverick books. When I first discovered these readers about a year ago, what struck me was how different they were to many early readers I have seen. In particular the pictures were more vibrant and interesting and there were a good mix of characters including quite a few animal characters (surprisingly rare in early readers). And the feedback from customers of the first available readers which were orange and green level have been very positive. 

#Reading Pairs – Special offers

Below are some great paired sets.  Love the idea but not sure the books are quite right for your child? No problem I can can create you some paired sets based around your child’s interests.

Each paired sets also comes with suggestions of other picture books you child might like

Please note the picture books are not the same reading level as the readers in most cases they are a lot more difficult. But the intention is that you read the picture book aloud to your child and they read the readers to you.  

The Early Readers are based loosely on the Oxford Reading Tree Levels. To help you identify your child’s reading level I have included a picture

of the Oxford Reading Tree scale below. 

Reading Pairs – Early Readers Red (Stage 2).


Reading Pairs A1 – Things that Grow  – Price for Pair £9.99

Picture book: Lulu loves Flowers

Early Reader: Seeds and Stuck in the Tree (at read level there are two short stories)

Reading Pairs  A2 – Hide and Seek – Price £7.99

Picture book: Have you seen my Giraffe?

Early Reader: Bamboo and I wish 

Reading Pairs A3: – Price

Picture book: Nipper and the Lunch Box

Early Reader: Dog in a Dress, Run Tom Run 


Reading Pairs – Early Readers Yellow and Blue (Stages 3 and 4)


Reading Pairs B1 – Inventions and Space   – Price for pair: £7.99

Picture book: 

Georges Amazing: Marshmallows for Martians

Early Reader:

Can I have my Ball Back? (Yellow, stage 3)

You can also add some space themed Maverick Readers. 

Reading Pairs B2 –  Invitation to Parties – Price for pair £5.99

Picture book:   

You Must Bring a Hat

Early Reader:

Strictly No Crocs (Blue, stage 4)

Plus bonus Free blue level non-fiction reader.

Reading Pairs B3 – The right job for Pop and Mr Bump – £5.99 – available soon

Picture book: Mr  Bump

Early Reader: A Job for Pop (Blue, stage 4)

Reading Pairs – Early Readers Green and Orange (Stage 5 and 6)

Reading Pairs C1 – Dragons, yaks and cake! – Price for set: £6.99

Picture books: Giant of Jum

Early Reader: Yuk Said Yak (Green, stage 5). 

Reading Pairs – Early Readers Turquoise (Stage 7)


Reading Pairs D1 – Alternative retelling’s of Three Little Pigs – £8.99

Picture book: Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig

Early Reader: The Four Little Pigs (Turquoise, Stage 7)

I can add (for an additional charge) a picture book of the Three Little Pigs if you don’t already have a copy of the original story. 

Reading Pairs D2 – Dinosaurs doing unusual things – £8.99

Picture book: Dinosaurs Don’t Draw

Early Reader: Hocus Pocus Diplodocus  (Turquoise Stage 7)

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