Boy in a White Room by Karl Olsberg


Wow.  what a book! This not to be missed YA novel is published on 6th May by Chicken House Books.

The start of the book is rather close to home, after the very isolated past year teens have had. The opening chapter will hook both teens that are readers and  reluctant readers, and many of their parents too. The kind of story you will want to keep reading. 


“A fifteen year-old boy wakes to find himself locked in a white cube-shaped room. No windows, no doors, total silence”


A little bit later in the first chapter:


“What is this room ?”

“This room is a computer simulation, what is know as a virtual reality”

“Of course why did I not think of that? I know all about virtual worlds, A list of games spring to mind: Minecraft, World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Team Defence, Assassin’s Creed. I’ve probably played them often, even though I don’t remember much about them.”


Within the first few chapters you discover that this white box is a virtual reality world. That he is the son the owner of a game company and that his mother died protecting him. His virtual box is the only way he can find out and communicate with the world. 


As the boy uncovers snippets of his story..some things become clearer. But then some of the pieces don’t quite add up. He’s no longer clear who he can trust. And what he is really..?


Please note: the reasons why this is YA are immediately obvious from chapter 1. But, it become increasingly obvious why. I would highly recommend from year 8, 12/13+ and older. But it is not in my opinion a YA novel suitable for primary age children. 


Artificial Intelligence meets sci-fi and crime thriller. 


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