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Birdsong by Katya Balen and Richard Johnson

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An emotive and powerful short read about dealing with trauma, loss, change and the power of friendship, nature and music to inspire the courage to believe in the future again.

A book that everybody needs

Written by Katya Balen, the award winning author of October October, comes this heartwarming Barrington and Stoke debut. Beautifully illustrated with black and white illustrations by Richard Johnson that perfectly match the mood of the text.

Annie is recovering from an awful accident in which she suffered a trauma and damaged her arm. She isn't sure if she can still play her beloved flute. She lives with her mum. But her mum loses her job after looking after her daughter after the accident, so they have to move from their house to a 'grey' flat. Then Annie meets Noah, who shows her a secret world behind some hedges near to the tower block where she now lives. A nature paradise where a blackbird is nesting. Together Noah and the black bird, give Annie the courage to try picking up her flute and to find her way back to believing in herself and wht world again.

Useful to note: No-one dies in this story.

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