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Drawn to Change the World Graphic Novel

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Written by Emma Reynolds

This was one of my bestselling books last Autumn. Highly recommend for 9 to 13 year olds that care about the future of our planet.

If you order this book it will be dispatched a the beginning of February.

It feature the biographies of 16 Climate Activists with a different artist from around the world for each activist. A unique graphic novel format with stories to make you think about, Climate Change from a Climate Justice perspective, a middle grade graphic novel to inspire hope and action, perfect for KS2, KS3 and anyone who cares about our planet.

It focuses on indigenous solutions and the need for Climate Justice.

Illustrations help to explain the science and are a testament to the power of artists to help create change in communities and society.

You are left with the very distinct feeling that perhaps leaders of certain ‘developed’ nations are giving us the message they want us to hear that ‘it’s all too late, and too big to do anything about climate change.’ When there a many examples of young people making a real difference on the ground right now at the community level.

This book represents an extraordinary collaboration. Emma Reynolds has meticulously researched the live of 16 activities and her and she and her publication team have worked with 16 artists to bring you their inspiring stories of climate justice in action. Stories to make you think, reflect, and inspire both hope and action.

In addition to the the graphic novel sections on the activists there’s an introduction, timeline of significant climate change events, and list of resources for further reading and watching.

Highly recommend for 9/10 years to adult. My price £8, paperback.

“In a world that depends on a great diversity of living things to function, the traditional idea that only one of those living things - humans - should be considered in decision-making isn’t going to work much longer.”Matthew Shribman

Scientists, environmentalist and co-founder of AimHi Earth

“Books are a form of political action. Books are knowledge. Books are reflection.Books change you mind.”Toni Morrison
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