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Garden of Inside Out +Tomorrow

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Two empathy picture books, stories where children are affected by the war outside. Both books have made exception use of colours and tones to convey emotions and offer many opportunities to discuss the difficult topics of fear, war and conflict with children and teenagers.

In this bundle you get two books:

1. The Garden of Inside-Outside by Chiara Mezzalama and Regis Lejone (translaged by Sarah Ardizzone) - hardback

In this book that is part picture book, part graphic novel, Chiara Mezzalama beautifully tells the story of her childhood in the 1980s living in a walled palace and garden inTehran whilst her father worked as the Italian ambassador. Inside the walls of their garden,

Chiara and her brother play in a garden. Outside, Iran’s civil war is raging. The contrast between the two is beautifully illustrated with a contrasting colour palette, red and black for war and green, blues and browns for inside the garden.

In the midst of this, an unlikely friendship is born, between the girl inside the walls and a boy outside the walls. Through the simple exchange of two gifts the two children show the ability of children to show kindness to others.

Highly recommend for 8+ years

2. Tomorrow by Nadine Kaadan (paperback)

This book will help both children and adults understand about war and refugees and a child’s perspective of war.

It takes the perspective of a boy, who lives in Syria, whilst his home and town are besieged by war. Part of the story explores his frustration about not being able to go outside to school and to the park, which has parallels with UK kids experience of lockdowns and self isolation.

The book makes superb use of the way it positions the boy and his mum and the buildings, and of the colours:, yellow, red, and black to convey a range of emotions in a visual way that will help the reader to understand them.

A great book to explore issues and a range of emotions in KS2 and KS3.

Highly recommend for ages 7 years to adult

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