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Night Jar by Katya Balen (9+ years)

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Publishing 1st June. Free Delivery to Mainland UK. Now in Stock!

Oh my Katya Balen has done it again with this Barrington Stoke new title every one aged 9+ years should read. I am a massive fan of Bird Song (which if you haven't read it is also available from Readers that Care). I think I might love this one even more!

With beautiful black and white illustrations by Richard Johnson.

A life affirming story about not always knowing the answers, about not always getting it right

and the healing power of nature.

When Noah's dad visits from New York, he and Noah come across an injured nightjar during a walk in the countryside. Noah is determined to save the bird, but his dad believes they should leave it alone to let nature take its course. As father and son argue, it becomes clear that Noah is angry about more than just the bird. He feels abandoned an =d misunderstood by his dad, who has moved to the US and started a new family there that doesn't seem to have room for Noah. Can they find a way to build a new relationship and rediscover the common ground between them?
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