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Peace on Earth by Smriti Halls and David Litchfield (hardback)

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Another powerful and stunning empathy picture book from this author and illustrator duo.

I am a big fan of their previous book together, Rain before Rainbows, but dare I say I like this even more? This would make a fantastic whole school assembly book.

This picture book lets the reader imagine what peace on Earth might be like, with children (and their dog/wolf companions) from different places playing together. But is not easy and:

“Sometimes words can hurt and sting,

And fires rage and burn within,

They spark and blaze within our mind..

And that’s when peace is hard to find”

After a day of playing together the friends fall out.But, a light in the darkness helps them to resolve their differences and become friends again. There are two levels that you can take this story one, is the 3 friends and their two animals, the other is a world perspective. I love how you can take either or both from the narrative and beautiful illustrations. It has plenty to offer to explore loss, anger, frustration and correcting ones mistakes, and has a first step to gently exploring war and conflict.

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