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Pre-Order (May): Wrong Shoes by Tom Percival (Hardback) + free mystery book

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This book is a Pre-Order Item. Publishing 0n 9th May. You will be notified by email when you book is ready to dispatch.

Those of your already familiar with the thoughtful way Tom Percival’s picture books explore feelings won’t be at all surprised to hear that his debut middle grade novel is engaging, heartfelt and sure to promote plenty of discussion in a KS2 and KS3 classroom.

It explores the pressures of financial hardship and family struggles through the eyes of Will, a boy who just wants to fit in.

Unfortunately for Will, he stands out for all the wrong reasons. He’s bullied because he has the wrong shoes (inexpensive and falling apart), the wrong hair (unruley and long) and the wrong family (Dad is struggling with being unable to work after an injury while Mum lives with her new partner in another town). Will doesn’t dare tell anyone things are anything other than “fine”.

The Wrong Shoes challenges readers to consider the “value of money”, our attitudes towards spending and expectations of what others should or shouldn’t have. Will’s best friend, Cameron, comes from a wealthy family and has the best of everything. He’s a good friend but by no fault of his own, just doesn’t understand Will’s world. He has no concept of struggling to buy shoes or not having enough money for a decent evening meal. Equally, Will doesn’t know how to share his life with Cameron or accept help when it’s genuinely offered.

Will is very good at art and the school Art department is a safe space for him. His teacher, Mr Prince, sees the best in Will and encourages him to do more. It’s there that Will is allowed to have a dream.

Tom Percival’s black and white illustrations mirror are an integral of the story helping to highlight the emotion the characters are feeling. A must read for all 8 to 13 year olds and those that work with them.

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