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SALE: Black and British by David Olusoga

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Illustrated by Jake Alexander and Melleny Taylor

Great for 7 to 80 year olds

Based on David Olusoga’s best selling book for grown-ups on Black British history. This book makes this forgotten history accessible to all. A timely and important book that everyone needs to read.

In the introduction David Olusoga says:

“ When I was at school there’s was no Black history. None of the Black people from the past who we know about today were every mentioned by my teachers and my text books contained nothing about the role Black people have played in the story of Britain. So what I presumed was that there must not have been any Black people in British history”

It was only when I became a teenager, and was able to read grown-up history books, that I learnt that there had been Black people throughout much of British history, al the way to the Roman conquest.”

Take a fresh look at British history, from the first recorded group of Africans living in Britain as Roman soldiers. To the Caribbean and the Slave Trade, and it’s eventual abolition. To Africans and West Indians who served in World War Two and the Windrus children. There is much to learn. Clear informative text, combined with illustrations, diagrams, maps and news paper style articles there is much to engage the reader.

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