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The Final Year + 3 chapter books chosen from a selection

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In this bundle you get:

One copy of The Final Year by Matt Goodfellow

3 more titles from an in-stock selection of 25+ titles for 8 to 12 year olds.

Please note you have to choose 4 different titles.

I will contact you after purchase to find out who you are buying from and give you some recommendations to choose your other 3 books.

What an extraordinary verse novel. That is one of my favourite middle grade books of the year. This heartfelt, emotional, rollercoaster of story is a must read for children aged 9/10+ years and all those who work with them.

Matt Goodfellow has put his heart and sole into writing this book.

The story of Nate, his friends, family and school are involving, real (there are three pages around the middle of the book which will tear your heart out), and beautifully written. A great book to introduce a range of PHSE themes such as young carers, bullying, friendship, grief, redemption, writing, art. Also David Almond fan’s will love the references made to Skellig throughout.

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