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The Girl Who Became a Fish by Polly Ho-Yen

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Illustrated by Sojung Kim-McCarthy

What a gem of a book, I can see there are many reasons why this short chapter book was chosen for the Empathy Lab 2024 primary school collection. It explores moving house, being afraid, changing family circumstances and being brave and discovering that you can deal with new situations.

Ita is afraid of alot.

“ She is afraid of talking to her class mates at her new school. She’s afraid her family is drifting away from her. But most of all she is afraid of water. “

The story joins Ita and her family 5 weeks after they have moved to a new town. Her older brothers describe it as ‘Biscuit Town’ because all the houses look the same.

She is often left behind by her older brothers. When out for a walk she looses them, when they rush ahead. She accidentally finds a river, hidden from view by the brambles. Ita is afraid of water and swimming but she finds the courage to put her hands in the water, and discovers that when she does something magical happens, they turn into sparkling scales, rather like a fish.

Running parallel to Ita’s story is her Dad’s. The reader slowly learns why her dad is not at home as much and why when he is at home he is distracted. It turns out this is because he has to take care of Grandma, and this is why they moved house, to be closer to her.

I love how the story captures so well the feelings of all members of the family, but especially Ita and her Dad.During the story Ita finds within herself the confidence and bravery to deal with her new situation.

For pastoral leaders, the insights into how caring responsibilities for a family member can impact on the whole family are invaluable.

Highly recommend for 8 to 13 year olds, and those supporting them.

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