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The Lost Homework; Richard O'Neil

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I love Richard O’Neils picture books, which explore different aspects of the lives of Traveller communities.I especially like this one because of it’s focus on how family activities outside of school can be great learning opportunities.

I enjoyed learning about a traditional traveller wedding, which provided plenty of opportunities for home learning.These included using a road map to plan and calculate a non Motorway route to his cousins wedding, and after the wedding joining in with the storytelling. I know how passionate Richard O’Neil is about the importance of story to the Traveller community so it was lovely to see him representing this in a story.

On Sunday afternoon Sonny tried to find his homework book, but he could not find it anywhere. He kept being asked to help with jobs, from painting and old wooden traveller caravan, to helping his Aunt make aprons for market the next day. I love how when he told his teacher he had not done his homework, she understood and gave him the chance to tell his whole class what he had been up to at the weekend. Then students in the class joined in with examples of what school subjects he had covered.

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