Reading for Pleasure – useful links


Here are a few links to help with ideas for encouraging and supporting reading for pleasure.

Please feel free to contact me on Twitter (@melissacreate15) for more suggestions. 


There is a wealth of information and ideas to support reading for pleasure on the Open University Reading for Pleasure site:

There are lot’s of great recommended reading lists out there. But, as someone who has learnt so much about books by sharing pictures of the front coves on twitter. I love that Books for Topics now has downloadable poster recommended reads lists.

KS1 Recommended Reads

KS2 Recommended Reads

Audio Books

Two places to get audio books for free:

Public Libraries offer the option to access a free audio books. I live in Cambridgeshire so here is the link for Cambs:

Listening Books provides a free audio service to adults and children who have physical or medical difficulties that make it difficult to read books themselves.: