KS1 Non-fiction


I have recently had a number of requests from schools for non-fiction books for KS1 and reception. For this age group it is really important to strike a good balance of engaging texts for curious kids that want to find out more that children can read with a grown-up and accessible texts they can have a go at reading themselves. To help develop early years literacy skills, so kids can and want to read.


Reading for Pleasure Collections


Here are 3 themed collections for 4 to 8 year olds, with a focus on topics that young children want to find out and read for pleasure, but there there are also lots of curriculum links. 


Mini-Collections for specific curriculum areas

More suggestions being added soon. 


Seasons and Night and Day


Extra Book discounts available for schools and Educators.


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You might also be interested in my Readers that Care School Book Club.


Where you can benefit from expert knowledge and build up your collection of high-quality non-fiction books specific to your schools needs in an affordable way. Leaving you more time to get on with the job of teaching in the classroom. 


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