Picture books 3 to 9 years.


Many of my picture book customers prefer to contact me direct for personal recommendations. But after the success of chapter book boxes I wanted to offer a special picture book deal.



I aim to keep a good selection in stock. But I may need to order some. 


So that you can get a feel for some of the books I have included some quotes from myself (@melisscreate15) and some friends from bookish twitter.  



This is being updated to include all 12 titles soon. In meantime feel free to ask.  Melissa x



The perfect book for the any young nature lover.  Betsy has a magnifying glass that enables her to hear what insects are saying. Strong message about looking after our gardens and wildlife. 


My little bookworm absolutely love this book and promptly declared it one of her favourites. It is definitely one for early years settings. – there are endless possibilities for working around this book and children will no doubt find Betsy fun and relatable. She’s bold strong and not afraid to stand up for what’s right. A perfect role model for our next generation.  


Vicky – mum and nursery teacher,


A warm, funny and inspiring story, which shows how we can all protect the wildlife around us. 

Already one of my best selling picture books ,  And it’s not hard to see why. Bright bold illustrations capture the boys emotions when he is noticing the Owl. Thought bubbles show his worries when he is afraid what might happen to the wildlife is supports if the tree is cut down. A gentle reminder for grown-ups that we have lots to learn from young children. 




A delightful story about two sisters set in Uganda. From diverse Indie publisher Lantana publishing. 



This begins as a story about two sisters who keep loosing things, and younger kids will have great fun trying to spot the things they lost. But, then there is another message, about change, about growing up, and about hope and belief in the future.  



We’re going to find a monster:  this wonderful adventure through the imaginations of two siblings off to find a monster is simply brilliant.


The illustrations bring the adventure to life and the repetition makes it wonderful for joining in with. This made for a thoroughly enjoyable bed time story. 

For a little girl who is often going off to the wild woods, the shops or camping (all found behind the sofa at the end of the living room) this was the perfect choice. 


Vicky – mum and nursery teacher, @MrsD271015


It’s the book I’m reading for my school advent calendar. The quick note about the main character’s vitiligo sparked a long and interesting discussion. They loved guessing each of the homely links.


      Talya,  a school Literacy Lead 



A beautifully illustrated book celebrating those who work through the night. Covering everything from deliveries, emergency services and cleaners to hospital staff and bakeries. Diverse in the style of job, skills required and cultures is positively represented. Children will be fascinated to see just what happens when they go to sleep at night. A wonderful story to share with children of all ages.

Erin, book blogger.  @AssetReadingAdvocate


The Treeple live in the mountainous jungle. They love making things the trouble is,when something breaks they throw it away. Very soon their mound of throw away junk is toppling into the Ocean. When their home is threatened, the Seaple visit the Treeple, can they find a way to live together and protect the environment?


Some wonderful detail in the pictures, that children of all ages will enjoy looking at. Set in an imaginary world with some an important messages about the way we treat planet earth. 



A story for everyone aged 3 to 83!


The min-rabbit books perfectly capture the innocence and playful adventure of early childhood.  Where nothing goes to plan.



This time it’s a Camping trip in back garden. 




I have all 3 book on my own shelf of picture books, and when I need cheering up these are some of my go to books. My 10 year old loves them too, especially this one. Which tells you a lot about the authors ability to to make something that appears so simple work on multiple levels





My birthdays’s coming up soon,

I’ll need new clothes to wear.

But most of all, I need to know.

How shall I style my hair?


This story is about a girl who goes to the hairdressers to get a hair cut for her birthday. I love the different styles of Afro hair it shows, and the characters of different ages. 



My daughter really liked this book- she loved looking at all of the different hairstyles that the different people had and learning what they were called. 

She’s obsessed with with doing her own hair so this book really resonated with her.

A beautiful book


Vicky – mum and nursery teacher,



This story is told by Maisie:


“It all started when Omar brought a small slice of his mum’s special honey cake for show and tell.”


At school Omar talked about how his grandad used to keep bees and it turns out Maisie’s grandad keeps bees too. What follows is a delightful series of events facilitated by the teacher. In which Omar and his class help their local bees and bring their community together. 



A story full of hope and with so much to enjoy in the actions of the children and in the pictures, which includes a number of diverse characters. A great story for showing the passage of seasons, and supporting children with transitions




More information being added soon. In the meantime feel free to ask.