Picture books for EYFS and KS1

This picture books collection for pre-schoolers, reception, year 1 and year 2 have been put together with a very particular purpose. I have hand-picked 54 books that are perfect for parent/carer and child to read together. The kind of stories that young children will keep asking to be read aloud, again and again. They would also be great stories to read aloud for pleasure in the classroom. 


At Readers that Care I passionately believe in connected book collections to help hook in young readers and to help them find their next and future books they want to read or share.  If we want to expose young children to stories that will engage them and keep their attention, but also help develop their literacy skills then all picture books stories are not equal. Some make this task easier than others, and the very best picture books are the ones where pictures and text work together to tell the story.


A brief introduction to this picture book collection:
    • There are 57 picture books
    • There are 42 picture book stories, 9 Non-Fiction books, and 3 poetry collections
    • Out of the 42 stories, 25 have animal main characters(two of these also have human main characters), 14 have human characters and 3 are neither animal or human.

Picture book collection 1

If you looking for picture books for pre-schoolers and reception to read aloud and share for fun, then start here. Also plenty to interest 3 to 8 year olds.


Traction Man is perhaps more suited to 5+, but I wanted to included it here because of the journey narrative, which links it to a number of the other books. 


Picture book collection 2

Last academic year I had the pleasure of putting together a non-fiction collection for EYFS and KS1, funded by a schools PTA. This including focusing on some themes that naturally appeal to young children, such as animals and transport. This got my thinking how often do we put together collections of picture books stories for young children, that link with their non-fiction interests? 


Picture book collection 3

There are two main focuses to this collection for year 1 upwards. The first is stories with an empathy theme. The second is a few examples of re-tellings of traditional tales. 


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Option 1: If you live within one hours drive from Cambourne, South Cambridgeshire. 

Books a CPD, talk, where I will come and talk to a small group of staff about these books.


Choose picture book collection 1 or picture book collection 2 to focus on and I will bring some selected titles from the other collections too. 


The talk is free, all you have to do is pay £60 in advance for books. For which you can choose up to 12 books from the collection (some restrictions apply).


Option 2: Sign up for my picture books for EYFS and KS1 Email Sequence



In a five-part email sequence I  will talk through why I chose these books and what it is that makes many of them great books for sharing at home with parents, when considering you school collections of books for EYFS and year 1 and year 2.



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