Engaging reads to help every KS2 child become a reader

When I moved to selling online in March of 2019 I set up a special value chapter book box where you could choose 4 titles for £22, and each customer gets personal recommendations just for them. I loved helping customers find books they love.


However, through conversations with parents and educators and reflecting on my own children’s journeys I have realised that theres is something missing in helping children navigate their reading journeys, especially in year 2 to year 5. There are basically three issues. Firstly, less experienced readers are less likely to know what they like. Secondly, other publishers promote their 9+ middle grade titles more than they do chapter book fiction for younger children. Thirdly, a lot of attention in education is given to the descriptive language and vocabulary, and often less consideration is given to plot and character.  This can create problems in navigating from one book to the next. 


It is my experience that most developing readers (of all abilities and motivation) need help on multiple occasions to find and choose books that work from them. But, when it comes to plot and character not all books are equal, and some are far more likely to appeal to a range of interests and reading abilities than others. As you move into the 9 to 12 age range two other issues emerge. First you have the children who in terms of content and/or reading ability are not yet ready for middle grade or later young adult. You also have the competent readers who have lost their way and are looking for characters that resonate with older kids, that’s why I have highlighted the 10+ titles which may particularly appeal to these children. 


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