£60 a Term Club

Hi my name is Melissa Jordan thank you for your interest in my £60 a term Club. It is open to schools (school accounts) and individuals connected to schools wishing to purchase books to be used in schools.

I am an experienced independent bookseller (5+ years) stocking a curated collection of high quality and unique  books from a range of publishers.  I have been a member of bookish communities on twitter (@melissacreate15) for 4+ years.  Those that have chatted to me will know that I am passionate about reading for pleasure and sharing diverse stories.  I have also built up a reputation in creating connected collections to help children and adults navigate the choices available.

My £60 a term club is targeted at schools looking to add quality books to their school collections at affordable prices, and who may want to focus their collection in some way. That focus could be different each term, or the same all year. Examples of ‘focus’ could include:  a particular sort of book e.g non-fiction, or picture books that develop empathy/explore feelings or it could be more specific targeting a particular need or group of children e.g upper key stage 2 children wanting a shorter read.  

Below are some answers to a few common questions of how my club works. But, if you have any further questions or just want to chat about how it might work for you please do get in touch.

I look forward to hearing from you

Melissa x

Who can join?

    • Open to small number of schools in Mainland UK each academic year.
    • Open to schools and individuals connected to school wishing to purchase books for a classroom library



What books can I get and how can I help you choose?

For an idea of the  wide and varied curated selection of books I stock. Please take a look round my website, including in the online shop. 

As a £60 a term member the first step will be to have a conversation with you to find out what area or areas you would like to focus on.  Then I will make some personal suggestions of books (based on my extensive knowledge) for you to choose from. 

There will be some discounts on a range of titles.  For details of discounts and exclusive special offers please click on the button below.


How can I get multiple copies of books at great discounts?

As a club member you can make additional purchase on top of your £60 a term of multiple copies (3 or more of the same title) selected non-fiction books at a 30 to 35 per cent discount on the  RRP*. Click on the special offers button to find out more. 

How long do I have to join for?

The minimum period is two terms at a total cost of £120 (£60 a term).

Do I have to pay postage?

One parcel per term is free when delivered by UPS Standard delivery. 

Additional charges may apply for heavier parcels and some newly published books (if a separate parcel is required).