Special offers: £60 a term club members

Club members can choose to take advantage of exclusive special offers. Members can choose Option 1a or Option 1b, and can choose one offer per term. In addition you can choose one additional offer per term chosen from Option 2 or 3. 

Back stock 

I currently have an extensive collection of ‘back stock’, which includes: picture books, chapter books fiction and some non-fiction titles for all ages. If you want to spend you entire £60 on back stock and get exceptional value for money thats up to you. 

 Option 1a:  High quality unique picture books (including some diverse reads)

It can be hard to afford high quality hardback picture books. So I am giving you a helping hand by offering 2 books from the above for £10*. 

Other titles from diverse publishers: Tiny Owl and Lantana publishing may also  be available in this offer.  You can also choose any one Flying Eye non-fiction title in this offer, that is currently in stock from the publisher. 

You must choose two different titles. One offer per term. 

*Please note: There may be some variation in the books  available. 

Offer 2a: Three for two on selected non-fiction titles. 

Select three titles, cheapest book is free.  You must choose at least two different titles. Other books available. One offer per term. 


Option  2b: Mini-sets of chapter book fiction (selected titles) – £20 for 5 books of same title

    • Buy any 5 books of the same title for £20, one set per term. 
    •  This will include a range of fiction titles (including the 5 pictured above), with a particular focus on certain publishers and books published in 2020 that may not have got the publicity they deserve because of #Covid-19*
    • This is also available as an additional top-up purchase. 

*Please note publication date of Darwin’s Dragon has been moved to January 2021, this will be available to club members in the spring term 2021.

Optional Additional purchases (as add-on purchase to your £60 a term)

To help you afford multiple copies of:

    • Selected non-fiction titles
    • Selected middle-grade chapter books (KS2 and KS3)

You have the option to buy additional multiple copies of books at a special price. 

For non-fiction titles:

    • up to 35% discount on 2 or more copies of the same non-fiction title.

For middle grade fiction:

    • Discounts on guided reading or class sets of middle grade books also available (price negotiated on an individual basis)

Not a £60 a term member yet? Contact Me to find out more.