Special offers: £60 a term club members


Club members can choose to take advantage of exclusive special offers. Option 1 can be used once each term. Members can then choose a second special offer: 2a, 2b OR 2c.


Middle Grade Fiction – back stock offer

I currently have an extensive back stock of over 30+ middle grade titles for 7 to 12 year olds. This is due to a combination of my love of middle-grade fiction and a number of pop-up book stalls which have been cancelled. Club members can purchase 3 chapter books for £10 from my ‘back stock’, for as long as stocks last. If you want to spend all your £60 on back stock you can. 


Option 1 – Special Picture Book hardbacks 

Each Term you can choose 2 books for £10 from those featured below*

Multi-cultural and non-fiction hardbacks – It can be hard to afford high quality hardback picture books. So I am giving you a helping hand by offering 2 books from the above for £10*. 

Other titles from diverse publishers: Tiny Owl and Lantana publishing may also  be available in this offer. 


*Please note: Bloom has yet to be published, and the 9 books available in this offer may vary. 


Offer 2a: Three titles from my £8.99 collection for £20


    • This can be 3 different titles or 3 of the same title.
    • Below is a small selection of books available in this offer


The books in my £8.99 collection are mainly paperback anthologies with a RRP of £9.99, but will also include a few higher priced picture books per term from smaller publishers. 




Option 2b: Mini-sets of chapter book fiction (selected titles) – £20 for 5 books of same title


    • Buy any 5 books of the same title for £20, one set per term. 
    •  This will include a range of fiction titles (including the 5 pictured above), with a particular focus on certain publishers and books published in 2020 that may not have got the publicity they deserve because of #Covid-19*

*Please note publication date of Darwin’s Dragon has been moved to spring 2021, this will be available to club members in the spring and summer terms of 2021.



Option 2c – 2 copies of the same hardback non-fiction title for £20 


The books that are available vary depending on customers needs.  Most will be hardbacks with a RRP of £12.99 or £14.99


Optional Additional purchases (as add-on purchase to your £60 a term)


To help you afford multiple copies of:

    • Selected non-fiction titles
    • Selected middle-grade chapter books (KS2 and KS3)

You have the option to buy additional multiple copies of books at a special price. 


For non-fiction titles:

    • up to 35% discount on 2 or more copies of the same non-fiction title.

For middle grade fiction:

    • You can buy additional copies of my 5 for £20 middle-grade mini-sets (Option 2b above)
    • Discounts on class sets of middle grade books also available (price negotiated on an individual basis)
    • Middle-grade books in this offer can be chosen from a selection only.


Not a £60 a term member yet? Contact Me to find out more.