Readers that Care School Book Club: Examples

Thanks so much for you interest in my Readers that Care Book Club. Here you will find some examples of children’s book bundles my school book club customers have received.  Each bundle is different and curated around the needs of the school. 


In the academic year 2023/24 I am offering two book bundles sizes, a £85 bundle and a £110 bundle, both with fantastic discounts. Because of the different needs of schools and that the RRP of books can vary from £6.99 for some paperbacks to £25 for some hardbacks it is difficult to say exactly how many books you will get in each bundle. But an approximate guide is 16 to 20 books for the £85 bundle and 18 to 24 for the £110 (but if the lower end that will be because it includes more higher priced non-fiction books).


Please note: It may not always be possible to replicate the same bundle for the same price, as I do make use of timely special offers to bring you great value for money.


Examples of the new £85 book bundle

Recent Examples of £110 bundles

Bundle of various sizes

If you’d like to join my Readers that Care Book Club please Contact Me.


For smaller discounted children’s book bundles and deals check out my Readers that Care Shop. 


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